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Even though we are not able to host in-person sessions at the gym during the COVID-19 outbreak, we still want to help athletes! Once all the chaos has settled and it's time to return to sports, make sure you're still physically prepared by joining our ELITEatHome training team. Our online training will be focused around speed, power, and explosiveness as well as general strength and circuit training. Below you can see the differences between our basic and premium option, as well as an example video of a workout.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.11.53 PM.png

Example Workout

To get signed up for either of our training options, follow these instructions: 

     1. Download the TrainHeroic mobile app (links                                      for Apple and Android)
     2. Click "Create Account"
     3. When prompted, enter the team access code (our                            access code is "eliteonline"

If you choose to go with the premium version, please sign up for billing using the button below. Once you subscribe, we will switch you to the premium portion of our TrainHeroic team. Thank you for supporting small business during this crazy time! 

ELITEatHome Premium

$10 per week

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