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Athlete Training

There is certainly a difference between general fitness and athletic performance training. At ELITE, we are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) that design and deliver optimal and efficient programs to help athletes from ages 8-18 gain an edge over their competition. There's a reason virtually every competitive athlete at the high school level and beyond trains with a CSCS - we know how to best train movement, speed, agility, strength and mobility. 


There are so many components that go into athletic performance training: 


- How should I train for speed? 

- What do I need to be doing in-season? 

- What exercises will help me in my sport? 

- How should I be conditioning?


At ELITE, our programs are created with these questions in mind. Quit relying on general fitness routines and train confidently knowing that all athletic qualities are being checked. To get started at ELITE, follow the instructions below to get signed up for a FREE Athlete Assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment, all results will be explained and full details about our "Athlete Speed & Agility" and "Athlete Strength" programs will be given. 

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Athlete Speed & Agility

Speed is a crucial part of all sports. Speed and Agility sessions focus on running mechanics, acceleration, top-speed, change of direction ability, and speed-based strength training. We personally guarantee you or your athlete will become faster or your money back! To start in the program FREE Athlete Assessment can be scheduled here 

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Sport specific training

Everyone has heard the term "Sport-Specific" but what does that really mean? For most this involves dangerous types of training that directly mimic sporting movements. At ELITE, our sport specific programs look to provide balance and train sport-similar systems within the body so that you will be prepared to take your game to the next level while being at a reduced chance of injury. Check for updates on which sport specific program we are currently running!

At ELITE, all of our training is based around the 4 pillars we believe to be at the center of athletic performance. Our programs are built on the pillars of movement, speed, strength, and conditioning. Many programs and coaches understand some of these pillars and may do a great job of implementing at least one of them, but it takes certified professionals to understand the long term athletic development of an athlete and knowing how to train all pillars in an effective manner. No matter what age, time of year (in-season vs. off-season), sport, or skill level, every athlete can benefit from a well-rounded program that has these 4 pillars in mind.

If you want to take the next step towards becoming a better athlete, schedule a FREE Athlete Assessment to learn how ELITE can help you take the next step in your athletic journey!

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