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All athletes can benefit from a properly implemented workout program! It does not matter the sport or age, working out under the guidance of certified strength and conditioning professionals will provide benefits for the youth athlete. Many people fall prey to the myth that lifting weights is dangerous or that certain sports don't require strength and this is simply not true. It is true that each sport and age group bring unique aspects to the table and thus training may be modified accordingly but assuming that you or your athlete cannot benefit from speed and strength training is false!

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Complete Athlete Program

Our Complete Athlete Program (CAP) is a great option for any athlete. CAP is a complete package that goes over speed, agility, strength, mobility, as well as nutrition. Everything in CAP is based around the goals you have as an athlete and each program can be tailored to fit the athlete's needs. The first step towards joining CAP is coming to a FREE Athlete Assessment which you can schedule here



Speed is a crucial part of all sports. In our 6 week Speed School programs you will get the benefit of learning proper running mechanics, speed/acceleration training, and agility training. Each Speed School we perform assessments to show before and after results. If improvements aren't seen in regards to our assessment we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We run Speed School in 6 week waves so don't miss out on the chance to join!

Sport specific training

Everyone has heard the term "Sport-Specific" but what does that really mean? For most this involves dangerous types of training that directly mimic sporting movements. At ELITE, our sport specific programs look to provide balance and train sport-similar systems within the body so that you will be prepared to take your game to the next level while being at a reduced chance of injury. Check for updates on which sport specific program we are currently running!

At ELITE, all of our training is based around the 4 pillars we believe to be at the center of athletic performance. Our programs are built on the pillars of movement, speed, strength, and conditioning. Many programs and coaches understand some of these pillars and may do a great job of implementing at least one of them, but it takes certified professionals to understand the long term athletic development of an athlete and knowing how to train all pillars in an effective manner. No matter what age, time of year (in-season vs. off-season), sport, or skill level, every athlete can benefit from a well-rounded program that has these 4 pillars in mind.

If you want to take the next step towards becoming a better athlete, schedule a FREE Athlete Assessment to learn how ELITE can help you take the next step in your athletic journey!


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