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Athlete Training

We train athletes in a way that ensures long term development and makes them faster, stronger, and less likely to get injured. We will work with you to recommend a specific program based on the athlete's goals. Many other benefits come with our programs such as a nutrition guide, calorie and macronutrient calculation, and a mobility guide. Click below to learn more!


Team training

Our Team Training is designed to provide organizations and teams in any sport to develop their players as athletes. Each Team Training session focuses on sport-specific speed, explosiveness, and strength and lasts 1 hour. Each team that enrolls in our program will also get a complimentary free hour for a half-field turf rental. The turf rental can be used for virtually any field sport and provides coaches the chance to get extra practice in. Team Training pricing is simple at just $10 per kid! 


Batting Cages

We have a 6300 square foot turf space that is able to be fully rented out or divided into half fields or individual hitting tunnels. Even though our turf is mainly tailored for baseball/softball, it can be reserved for virtually any field sport.

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The Complete Athlete Program (CAP) has been great for my athlete. He loves the environment, trainers, and more importantly the workout. Several of my sons teammates are now enrolled and making the experience even better


This has been the best decision for my son. He struggled learning his body and how to improve his strength, agility, and overall body awareness. The Complete Athlete Program (CAP) has done just that. He is now becoming more confident and I love that there is a reassessment to show the growth! 


ELITE Performance & Wellness offers fun, challenging and innovative workouts. Bootcamp class is great for any fitness level. Whether you're new to exercise and ready to get in shape or just need a new routine - the group of people and trainers are knowledgeable and inspiring to be around.

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