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Our Cages

We currently have 5 batting cages available to be rented. 4 of the cages are for hitting only and 1 is a flat, full-sized cage that can be utilized for fielding and pitching as well. Our rates are $30/hr for one cage or $25/hr if you rent multiple cages or rent one cage for multiple hours. If you would like to reserve a slot for one of our cages, please click here and you will be redirected to our scheduling page. If you are looking for a cage on an individual level, you may be interested in our hitting club membership, which allows you to come use a cage as long as it is not reserved for that hour.


Batting Cage Schedule

Below you can view the various times that batting cages are rented, if you are a hitting club member this will let you know when there are open cages so that you can plan out when you want to go in. Keep in mind we have 5 batting cages so as long as an hour doesn't have all 5 booked, one will be available.

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